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RAR is a business and project development agency set up to deliver consultancy services and projects in Africa. It works with key government bodies, local agencies and businesses in Africa, UK and globally. 

It develops partnerships to maximise the use of local resources and people to provide access to finance and knowhow.


Its partners have extensive experience in resource exploration, the establishment of service based facilities and product registration and distribution.

RAR has a wide range of partnerships with key experts and financiers in Africa and globally.



Andrew Eweka


Andrew Eweka has over 10 years experience in the upstream and downstream sectors of Nigerian oil and gas. He is the owner of 1st Man Global, the co-founder of Wazima Heal and has assisted a number of international companies to move to Nigeria. He is on the Forbes list of major businessmen and has extensive links at all levels of government, regulators and business in Nigeria and other African states.


Paul Burgess MBE


Paul Burgess MBE is one of the UK's most eminent business experts on aesthetic medical procedures, products and training.  He also has extensive experience of regeneration in the major cities of the UK. Paul has been working in Nigeria for the last 2 years on medical product registration and distribution. He is currently working with a major UK private hospital to offer cosmetic surgery services to Nigerian patients. 

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Local experts

Roxane Ceyhan

Chief Marketing Officer

Sam Sivo

Head of Business Development

Roxane Ceyhan has over 7 years’ experience in Marketing and Communication. She worked for different media agencies in Paris & London and she has a strong international background. Roxane worked with major companies from the tech and luxury sectors - she also did develop strategic marketing insights and media tactics for Apple. This experience gave her a deep understanding of strategic thinking to all communication and marketing projects.

Sam Sivo is an experienced commodities professional with a background in commodities trading and global regulatory compliance, with a good understanding of front to back office processes covering both physical and financial markets, having a proactive approach to business analysis, stakeholder management and project management for global regulations, trade surveillance, implementations and process improvement of front office and regulatory solutions.

RAR has access to a large numbe rof local experts who can advise on all aspects of business development in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. It also has many connections to local media and its own local TV station and marketing agency.  

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